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However you describe it
Whatever you term it
Community is you and's all of US
Be grateful for where you live, the life you live and who you share it with

Beaches Brewery Social Consciousness Program

Being a part of our local community is important to us. The founders of Beaches Brewery all have long standing ties within and to our local community and are thankful for the lifestyle, the friends and the opportunities the “Beaches” have provided us. At Beaches Brewery, we believe it is our responsibility to give back and to support those who support us, and to see our community continue to thrive.

One of the ways we provide this support is by taking a percentage of every sale and then towards the end of each year, using that money to provide grants to fund initiatives to organisations so as to make your community an even better place.

Support Local

So …. if you and your organisation have a solid idea for improving and enhancing our local community, drop us a line at with an outline of your organisation, your program or initiative and how you think support from Beaches Brewery can better our community and lets see how we can work together to make our local community an even better place for everyone.

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