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Our Story

Our story and who we are is defined by what we do…and it's not just making beer, it’s about making moments that mean something.

We’ve been around a while and have learnt that there are moments in your life that just make you smile…the moments you remember forever… laughter, good times, conversations, coming together or sometimes just watching the sun go down across the waves.

We cherish those moments so we wanted to do something to create a movement that helped create those occasions for others.. And that’s why we started Beaches Brewery. It’s weird how a beer can do that but think about it, beer in hand…the end of a hard day’s work or play, some time with friends, a lazy day at the beach, a guitar around a bonfire, the gang all together celebrating your birthday…. Those moments are the ones that matter Our desire is to create a setting, a feeling, a bond amongst you and amongst us.

So when someone asks “what's our story?” the answer is simple…. we are a few friends who want to make some good beer and build a brand we are all proud to stand with, and ultimately build a space that brings people together to create and share some of life's precious moments.

Beaches Brewery
Beaches Brewery


    We’re not about writing newsletters we're about making beer.
    So if there is something good going on, don’t fret we’ll let you know.