Beaches Brewery
Beaches Brewery

Working up a Thirst

Wow…what an epic first few months… we have been frantically running around talking to bottle shops, venues and you.  We have some awesome promo days at the Harbord Hotel and the Beach Club Collaroy and tasting events like we recently did at Winehaven Killarney Heights because we want to get our beer out there because we are proud of what we have made, and we want to hear from each of you, what you think and what you want to see next.  The days are long and we are thankful for your support and your feedback, and for daylight saving and summer coming so we can get some time on the beach to crack a cold beer and talk about new recipes and ideas as we get ready to release our next 2 beers… a limited run coming soon!


    We’re not about writing newsletters we're about making beer.
    So if there is something good going on, don’t fret we’ll let you know.